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The person I decided to choose is a very important family member to me who I care a lot about and is part of my mother’s side family. The person I chose is Silvana Giono, or also known as “Nonna,” meaning grandma in Italian. She is a very brave woman whom I look up to everyday of my life. Silvana grew up in Turin, Italy during the worst circumstances and has many stories yet to be told to me. Silvana Giono was born on August 4, 1934 in Turin, Italy. Something that was occurring on the other side of the world, in 1934, was the Great Depression. Even though, my grandmother was not really affected by this issue, it was a very important time period for the United States. Unemployment kept decreasing and it was a turning point for the United States.…show more content…
She has never given up with any challenges that she faced and never lets anyone down. Once I asked her how she would define labor and how important it is to her, she stood up quickly and seemed very interested. The very first thing she told me was that labor is something that no one understands today. Silvana said that labor is not only consistent hard work, but it is hard work that takes up most of your time. She says this because when she was younger and had to work, there was no time for fun activities. It is the time she stopped working, when she noticed that everyone’s life and time is mostly given up to labor. Labor is very important to my grandmother as she refuses for people to work as much, because she thinks people need to have fun throughout their lives. Today, she has a sense that later generations are harder workers and able to control their time better. She managed to reduce the amount of time she works as it just came to her later in life. She always says that I should study something that interest me because most of my time will be dedicated to what I ended up…show more content…
She has many horrific stories of World War II that affected her life forever and her parents were a big impact as well, which really surprised me. Her parents had one goal for her and it was for her to become a teacher. Luckily she liked it and became the teacher she wanted to be now. Not many struggles were given to my grandmother other than tragic events as she was raised by two wealthy parents who truly cared about her. Silvana Giono is my inspiration and as she taught me, I will never give up on anything. Being able to interview her, I have learned that I need to become a better person and work harder for what I really want. This has a big impact on me because I will try even harder for things I really want and will always try my best from now on. I am very glad I was assigned this project, as I feel that I have turned into a better

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