The Biology of Breast Cancer

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Today in the United States, Breast Cancer occurs in about one in eight women which is currently the most common cancer among women. The number of cases is expected to decrease due to the advancements in technology and dedicated researchers. Scientists have put an estimated 4.8 billion dollars towards the research every year to help find a cure or a new treatment for breast cancer ("STAT Facts Breast Cancer"). Researchers have found causes, put in research and theories that help with understanding treatments, prevention and also common symptoms and coping mechanisms. II. Cause Breast Cancer, as well as other forms of cancer, scientists do know how it occurs, but they do not know an exact cause. There are some genes in our body called oncogenes, genes that have potential to cause cancer, that increases the speed of cell division while other genes such as tumor suppressors, cause the cells to die at the correct time. Mutations that occur in the DNA, which “turn on” the oncogenes or “turn off” tumor suppressor genes, will cause some of the cells to be cancerous in the breast("American Cancer Society"). Also, Breast Cancer can be increased by inherited gene mutations and acquired gene mutations. The risk of Breast Cancer can be increased dramatically, through the inheritance from parent to offspring, if a mutation occurs. For example, if a suppressor gene, such as BRCA, forms a mutation, then it is likely to be passed to future generations. This gene no longer suppresses abnormal growth, therefore there is a higher chance of cancer being developed. Even though Breast Cancer can be inherited it is more likely to be acquired through one breast cell. The acquired mutations could be a result of of radiation or cancer-causing chemicals. ... ... middle of paper ... feel safe and comfortable. Another coping mechanism is keeping busy and active, as well as spending time in nature or composing a journal. These simple tasks takes one's mind off of the diagnosis of cancer and all of the possible outcomes. However the most important way to cope is to fully understand about the cancer and how it is affecting the body. VIII. Conclusion Breast cancer is a disease that is frightening and can be harmful to many people, however as more time passes more is known. The thirty percent decrease in death due to breast cancer is tremendous and it is just a start. By understanding the prevention, treatment, symptoms breast cancer is a disease that can be beat. Works Cited "Breast Cancer." Home Page. N.p., n.d. Web. 5 Apr. "My HealtheVet." Coping Skills- Breast Cancer. United States Department of Veterans Affairs, n.d. Web. 7 Apr 2014.
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