Gender Attitudes Towards The Youth Community Essay

Gender Attitudes Towards The Youth Community Essay

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Society likes to paint an ugly picture for the GLBTTTIQ community sometimes these attitudes can influence all people. What is the GLBTTTIQ community? You might ask these community consist of, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transgendered, Two-Spirited, Intersex, and Queer youth. They are not just gay and lesbian it’s not that simple or black and white. This brief paper will focus on the concept of CYCC and the assistances they carry out for GLBTTTIQ. This paper will deliberate the process of “coming out” and “coming in” for the youth community. Along with additional information about what more we can do to help support the youth in identifying ones’ self without the stressing involved. Comprehending the many affects the youth may face with their identity and how to handle certain situations as future social workers.

One major point this article make is visibly in the title opening our awareness to heterosexist and homophobic attitudes in society. Both these discriminatory attitudes towards the opposite-sex sexuality relationship result in many apparent crimes against the GLBTTTIQ community. The community is so broad it was narrowed down to just LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, queer) individuals. Due to current culture of homo/trans phobia assumptions it makes it threatening for individuals to come out. Same-sex behavior and relationships are looked down upon because it’s not a “role model” nor would it be a new self-identity. What is a correct role model for a LGBTQ person?
There is no correct role model for a LGBTQ person I believe anyone can be a role model for a homosexual or heterosexual individual. In deed there is a huge lack of LGBTQ role models but, it could help the homosexual person feel more c...

... middle of paper ...

...“flirting and sexual recognition” which is paramount in creating a secure of self and identity.” (Sandkjaer, 2002).
What could social workers do? As the CYCC closely related to social workers we can give the same type of services. Like using the right language when giving support for youth saying partner instead of boy/girlfriend, also provide social acceptance will go a great distance when helping. One very important rule is keeping all knowledge confidential this is very important because, one will put forth the trust in you not to disclose any of their private business. Also having social acceptance help develop resilience in queer adolescence, youth need a safe environment where their identity can be expressed without harm. Social workers can stick to the code of ethics and continue to do their job thoroughly protecting and serving the environment of the youth.

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