Cultural Influences On Adolescence

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Throughout our life, it can be marked by developmental changes in every domain of life: our physical, cognitive, social, personalities, and morals. Due to some important researchers such as Erickson, Freud, Piaget we are able to understand the development of each of these domains. Each stage of it’s life has it’s own difficulties and events that can determine a person’s life (Mogler, 2008). During the stages of adolescence, they are very vulnerable to a lot going on in their life such as fitting in, peers, family, school, activities, and society, and not to forget the ups and downs of puberty. Adolescence can be viewed as a huge part of many children’s lives where in this part of their life they try to find teenagers experience physical, cognitive, …show more content…

It can also affect how they perceive themselves, who they call friend, their behavior, and social connections between family, friends, and peers. A child learns everything that they can know first by the ways of their home life and the relationships built from their parents. They learn what is socially right from what (morals/ethics) and carry that idea with them into adolescence. Culture is learned and socially shared and can affect all aspects of an individuals life. Social responsibilities, sexual expression, and belief system development are all things that will vary based on culture. The way a child dress, where they work, how they speak can all be affected by youth culture. Without a particular culture, a child cannot have a belief system to believe in and teach them right from wrong (Sawnson, 2010). For example: Jamaican families teach children to grow up independent and strong however in a Japanese family, they may tend to raise their children on pride. So Jamaican and Japanese families may culturally be seen as egotistical meanwhile they may look at some other culture and think they are too timid. It can breed a sense of cultural confusion as well. Adolescence from a culture that is not well mainstreamed may find it hard to figure out their

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