The Frontline Documentary ' Obama 's Deal Essay examples

The Frontline Documentary ' Obama 's Deal Essay examples

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The Frontline documentary, Obama’s Deal, tracks the course of Obama’s healthcare reform and the steps taken by the administration to get the bill passed. Healthcare was, and remains, one of the biggest platforms of the Obama administration and one of our nation’s greatest challenges. The film starts with Obama’s election into the White House in 2009. Rahm Emanuel, who had worked for the Clinton administration, was brought in to advise Obama on the reform. To win, Emanuel knew that Obama would have to move quickly as his campaign would be strongest at the beginning. But his crucial flaw was having Obama take a back seat on his own political agenda. Emanuel tried to change his mistakes from the Clinton administration’s healthcare failure, and thought that the best strategy would be to have congressional buy-in at the front line. Obama tried to rely on goodwill and personal relationships to get the bill passed.
Originally brought in was Former Senate Majority leader, Tom Daschle, who at first seemed like a reliable asset but soon became a serious liability to Obama and the healthcare reform agenda. Daschle resigned shortly after. By the spring of 2009, Max Baucus had become the point man for the health reform campaign despite the Sunlight Foundation’s report of Baucus receiving $2.5 million from special-interest health groups. Many political voices were against healthcare reform based on self-interest, including the chief lobbyist for the health insurance industry, Karen Ignagni. Ignagni told Obama the insurance industry would only support his plan if everyone were required to buy health insurance. Also at about this time, a secret deal was taking place where the drug industry’s top lobbyist, Bill Tauzin, forced Obama’s healthcare r...

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...he corrupt politician who serves the healthcare industry rather than the American people. It left me feeling like I could not trust anyone in our political system, and that true change in America is no longer possible. I think the music and dramatic tone of the narrator added to this, and the photos chosen of Obama made him look helpless.
The most disturbing part of the film was learning about how Obama had to negotiate to get a healthcare deal passed. I believe many members of my generation view Obama as a hero and as a more holistic politician. I was shocked to see the negotiations that took place to advance political status over an issue that affects the life and death of our nation’s population. I felt this film was able to successfully portray the message it sought to and was able to educate the viewer about the political complexity of the Affordable Care Act.

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