Freedom for African Americans Along American History Essay

Freedom for African Americans Along American History Essay

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“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.” (Lincoln) During the mid-twentieth century African Americans experienced a lot of persecution because of their skin color, and left over feelings from the civil war. Before the civil was African Americans had been slaves. They were brought over form Africa and forced to work on plantations in the South. In the South they had no rights and were abused continuously into submission. In the North this was a different story all together. In the North slavery was illegal, and this caused many to try and escape from their plantations and make it to the North where they could get away from the abuse and be in charge of their own lives. Frederick Douglass was one of these slaves who made it to the North. One he got there he became an abolitionist and put all of his effort into putting an end to slavery. He put articles in a news paper and spread the word about what was really going on in the South. His dream of freedom for his people came true with the emancipation proclamation. This stated that all of the slaves in the South had to be set free immediately. After they were freed many slaves’ lives became worse than they had been before. Now that they were freed they had no way to make money because they had no skills, and this caused many freed slaves to starve to death.There were also many laws that were put into effect that made it so that they could not live as the constitution said that they should be able to. Many slaves were also killed for no reason except for the color of their skin. Segregation would later become one of the major problems between African Americans and whites. Even a century after they had been freed African Americans were experiencing a lot of strug...

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... no more rights many African Americans longed for freedom even more than they had before.

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