African Americans and The Civil Rights Movement

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“Treat others as you would want to be treated.” This is a well-known quote that many people use around the world. This quote basically means that if someone doesn’t like to be treated in a poor way, then they shouldn’t treat another person in a poor way either. African Americans had a difficult time dealing with unfair treatment back in the days. They would frequently be looked down upon just because they had different colored skin. Many African Americans grew tired of the way they were treated. Some of them stood up for what they believed in. Whether it was in a form of a March, speech, or protest, they would not back down for their equal rights. One of the most widely known incidents that took place during the Civil Rights Movement was known as the “Greensboro Sit- In”. The Greensboro Sit- In had a very powerful effect on the Civil Rights Movement.
The main reason why the Greensboro sit-in was born was because of segregation. Segregation is the action of separating someone apart from a group of people based on their racial group. Segregation was supported more with police and the legal systems (Stonaker and Arica). African Americans suffered greatly from segregation because they were black. For Example, they were not allowed to vote. Some of the ways to prevent them from voting are; poll taxes, fees for the voting booth that was way too expensive for blacks to pay. Another obstacle that African Americans had to suffer was literacy tests. In order to vote, they would have to take very hard literacy tests. People did not think that blacks were smart enough to be able to pick the country’s leader. So in return, they had to take test to see if they were smart enough. Because blacks did not get a very good education like whites d...

... middle of paper ... time of waiting, the workers closed down the store for the day, so the men would leave. At that time people did not know it, but the Civil Rights Sit-In was born (U.S History).
Just because a person is a little different from someone else, does not mean that they are worthless, or not as important as other people. African Americans faced many complications due to their race. Every day they had to live with disrespect from white people. They had an extremely difficult time with segregation. African Americans were to be separate from white people at all times.

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