Post Emancipation of Slaves

After the emancipation of slaves, many things changed throughout the south. The slaves had the title of freed people, but these freed people didn't have the same rights and privileges as their white counterparts. Even though the freed slaves were suppose to be able to live an equal life with the whites, the whites still found ways to keep the African-Americans from being equal with them on all levels. The whites imposed all kinds of hidden rules towards the blacks and the consequence of breaking those laws was death. The whites did not want the ex slaves to be equal and even after the white men's mistress failed at assuming the jobs of their ex slaves, the slave masters still didn't give blacks credit for being able to do the work that they did. Things did not get better until after the civil rights movement and even then, things are as great as they should be. Things before the civil rights movement, from the beginning of slavery to the civil rights movement was the worst that it could get and even now there is only a little sign of improvement, but the fact that people in the world who still wants to see racial equality show that the fight for equality isn't over and it won't be until the goal at hand is successful.

After the emancipation of slaves, the wives had to take over the role that the former slaves once did. The wives had to cook, sweep, wash the clothes, feed the animals, milk the cows, take care of the children, and clean. The wives of these former slave owners had to assume the jobs that the freed slaves abandoned and they also had to do the things that they normally did when the slaves were there.

At first they were upset because they knew that once their slaves left, they would have to fulfill the duties ...

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... place. When the blacks moved to the city they faced hatred and they got harassed by the whites and the current black residents. The newly blacks that moved to the city not only faced hatred and harassment, but also city officials made things much harder for blacks to be able to move into the cities.

In conclusion, the black have faced many problems after the emancipation of slaves. Even though things did not get better for the freed blacks until the civil rights movement, things still were better then being someone's slave. The emancipation of the slaves not only affected the blacks but also the whites. The whites were affected because now they had to do all their work themselves and they had to face the fact that the blacks were suppose to be equal with them, which is why they tried their best to keep the black people down socially, politically, and economically.

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