Food Journal Analysis

Food Journal Analysis

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Food Journal Analysis

The following is an analysis of Joe Smith's food intake for one day by using the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP) website using a food tracker program. The analysis addresses the serving sizes consumed, which food groups were represented, and adjustments in consumption that should be made since Mr. Smith would like to loose weight. Visual representations are attached for reference in the appendix.
Joes's recorded protein intake was 180 grams.(Figure 3) When compared with the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP) recommendation of 56 grams, there is a one hundred and 24 gram difference. The foods that Joe recorded that provide a source of protein are: ham, pork bacon, salmon, tuna, egg, and almonds. Mr. Smith's protein intake is too high. Joe would have to replace some of his source of proteins with fruits and vegetables to keep other nutrients in balance.
Complete and Incomplete Proteins
According to, animal sources of protein are eggs, fish, poultry, and meat. This is because they contain all the amino acids that are essential to the body. They are essential because the body cannot produce them on its own. This means that the eggs, salmon, tuna, ham, pork bacon in Mr. Smith's diet is complete. Almonds are a plant source and are considered incomplete because they contain only part of the amino acids the human body needs.(Eating, 2006) There is not another incomplete source of protein in Joe's diet to complement the almonds. However, the necessity does not exist to include a complimentary protein food because Joe ingests two sources of complete protein.
Protein Servings
According to the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP) website food pyramid, two to three servings of the meats, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs, and nuts group are recommended. Joe consumed 18 servings. This is six times the recommended amount.
To keep nutrients in balance, Joe would need to change his source of protein to more fruits, vegetables, and grains.
Mr. Smith achieved over 100% of his recommended daily protein. Mr. Smith's health is important for him to keep his protein intake within the recommended range because of the health effects of ingesting too much or too little protein. The effects of too much protein can cause kidney failure.(Too Much, 2006) Too little protein intake can mean low energy, low stamina, poor resistance to infection, mental depression, slow healing of wounds, and prolonged recovery from illness.

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(What is Protein?, 2006)
Fiber Intake
Mr. Smith's total fiber intake just under half of the recommendation as calculated by the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP) website.(Figure 3) Joes' fiber intake is too low. Figure two indicates that grains, fruits, and vegetables do not meet the recommended numbers or servings. Fiber helps flush bad fat intake from the human body. If Mr. Smith wants to loose weight, he should double his fiber intake.
Joe's fruit intake was zero, vegetable servings were at six, and his grain consumption was five less than the recommendation. Mr. Smith's diet did not meet the minimum number of servings of foods from each fiber-containing group when figure one is compared to the food guide pyramid. The foods in Joe's diet that provide the most fiber in his day's meals romaine lettuce, listed in figure one at 3 servings. Tomatoes and asparagus are listed at half a serving each providing he least amount of fiber. The trends in Mr. Smith's diet that affect his fiber intake he chooses mostly meat and dairy groups.(Figure 2)
Diet Changes
For starters, Joe could replace an egg at breakfast with an orange or a banana, which is equivalent to one serving.(Wardlaw, 2006) Both ounces of ham during the mid-morning snack can be replaced by a grain source. An example of two servings of a grain source is a whole bagel.(Wardlaw, 2006)
At lunch, Joe eats six and a half ounces of tuna; this is two servings.(Figure 1) One serving could be eliminated and in the place of three and a quarter ounces of tuna, Joe should eat one small role. Since Joe repeats his fish intake at dinner the other three and a quarter ounces of tuna can be divided and replaced by a half cup of pasta and a quarter cup of dried fruit.
At dinner, Joe reported five servings of salmon.(figure 1) Two servings of salmon should be replaced by a melon wedge equal to one quarter of a melon. This would bring Joe's fruit intake to the maximum recommended servings. Joe reported one serving of grains. Two more servings of salmon can be replaced by two small biscuits. So far with the changes suggested, Joe would add more servings of grains to his diet. Six servings are recommended as minimum.(Wardlaw, 2006)
Joe reported eating 2 servings or one half cup of almonds during his mid-afternoon snack.(figure 1) One quarter cup is recommended. The other quarter cup should be replaced with another slice of bread equal to one serving. Nine servings of protein have been replaced; this leaves nine servings in Joe's diet. The serving recommendations for grains has been met at eight servings, two servings over the minimum. Out of nine servings of protein left six servings should be eliminated.
Joe reported four servings of pork bacon, all four servings should be removed from his diet. This change could also remove bad fats and calories from his diet as well. Mr. Smith's protein intake is now at 5 servings, just two servings above the recommended number.
Benefits of Fiber
Meat and dairy groups do not offer any fiber. Instead they are high ion protein and fat. Fiber has benefits that meats and dairy cannot contribute. Fiber counteracts what protein and fats do to the human body. Fiber counteracts constipation, high cholesterol, and helps with weight loss. This is because fiber does not stay with the body. The human body expels fiber.(Benefits, 2006) The recommendation for Mr. Smith would be to make an emphasis on cereals, breads, vegetables and fruits.
Joes's meals did not include fiber-rich bean dishes such as chili, beans in a salad, or split pea soup. These sort of fiber sources also include proteins and should be incorporated into Joe's diet as an alternative to two separate food groups. Adding fiber-rich beans is also a way to decrease calorie intake for weight loss since legumes are nutrient rich.
If Mr. Smith were to choose to drink fruit juice instead of eating whole fruit, his diet would lack fiber. Joe would have to compensate elsewhere to get the proper fiber in his diet. The choice to consume purchased fruit juice over eating whole fruit produces less calorie intake. Fruit juice is a good choice for weight loss.
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