Film Review : Do The Right Thing, Producer And Actor Spike Lee Essay

Film Review : Do The Right Thing, Producer And Actor Spike Lee Essay

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Colonialism, Genocide, and Slavery have haunted the United States for ions as a result of its decision making and power exuded over others. Something that all of these can be related to is racism. Some believe that racism does not exist today and some believe that it is not the same racism of old as in the 1940’s and 50’s. In the film “Do the Right Thing” producer and actor Spike Lee conveys racism, prejudice and discrimination a pseudo neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York in the late 1980’s. Among the many other sociological concepts and theories that are heavily used throughout the film, social stratification and claimsmaking can help one understand the many stages that the neighborhood goes through within the film.
From slavery to desegregation many great strides have been made to give African Americans equal opportunities as everyone else in the United States. With these great strides also comes setbacks as well as new problems for African Americans and any other races in the USA. Racial formation, the process by which races are continually shaped and formed throughout society, has created a sense of prejudice and discrimination towards anyone who is of a different ethnicity then yourself. In the film the neighborhood is a mixture of African American, Puerto Ricans, and Italians. They all have to co-exist in the same neighborhood. There are many insults flying but as long as no one over steps their boundaries then everyone can continue to co-exist.
Social stratification is a methodological term that is the structuring of society into group based on their social hierarchy. Social stratification is usually studied through the unequal distribution of wealth, prestige, and power. In the film, the neighborhood is largely socially s...

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... was an unfortunate resolution to the whole claim; the burning down of Sal’s famous Pizzeria.
Along with the many sociological theories and concepts that can be used to understand the film “Do the Right Thing”, Social Stratification on the neighborhood aids in the perpetuation of the demographic and social status of the neighborhood while the social problem and its devastating conclusion showed the tensions within the neighborhood as well as the range of people willing to result to violent means. The Spike Lee film provides a thought provoking conversations of racial inequality in a culture were the hegemonic ideology is one of minorities not having a place in the United States. Through it all Mookie is still able to maintain calmness since the violence is normal in his neighborhood, but ultimately perpetuating the ideology that violence in normal at the same time.

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