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Forming a Critical Sense of Racial Tension In Film Glenford Wade II Spike Lee is brand name when it comes to the film industry. When you try to ask any group of people their opinion about this man, you will probably receive numerous positive responses from the film community as well as the African American community. Do the Right Thing (Spike Lee, 1989) is a film that illustrates how racial conflict can become a reality while showing the repercussions that come with racial segregation. Spike Lee uses a number of tools to write and produce the film in order to ensure the message reaches his intended audience in the best way possible. The use of location, soundtrack, and dialogue is abundant in this film. Therefore, this film analysis paper is for Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing (1989). It is a film in which racial segregation ignites riots in a neighborhood dominated by the black population. The heightened scene of this film analysis is where Spike Lee throws a trash can and it is from this that hell breaks loose and riots begin. The setting of the film is a predominantly …show more content…

People living in this neighborhood had affectionate love for Sal, but later on they became voiceless the moment their power to run their own businesses was taken away. It is because of communication breakdown that makes tension build up in the movie and ultimately ending up with Sal’s store burnt down and Radio Raheem killed by racist police officers. Spike Lee did an excellent job in the production of this movie. Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing (1989) has won numerous awards in the cinematographic category. It has won awards in best music, best pictures, and best original screenplay. Indeed, this is a masterpiece that deserves to scoop such awards. This is a movie which lovers of the hip-hop culture would enjoy most. Any fan of the hip-hop culture should be familiar with Spike’s groundbreaking movie released in

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how spike lee's do the right thing illustrates the repercussions of racial segregation in a neighborhood dominated by the black population.
  • Analyzes how do the right thing (1989) used the hot summer days as a symbol to create tension and conflict in the neighborhood.
  • Analyzes how do the right thing (1989) explores the racial politics that had rocked new york city at the time the film was being produced.
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