Essay on Feminism, By Anna Carastathis

Essay on Feminism, By Anna Carastathis

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Intersectionality is the idea that women, especially of different race, class, or sexual orientation, experience discrimination in varying degrees. This means that a female of color or race is not discriminated against for being female and a certain race, but is discriminated against for being a female of a different race. For example, a white woman may receive more privileges than a Mexican woman, but both still are objectified against for being female. In the article “Intersectionality & Feminism” written by Anna Carastathis, she describes how in the past women of color in the workplace were put behind the men of color who were behind the need of the white woman. The white woman, as she continues, was discriminated against because of her gender, but was intact treated better than the women of color. Feminism can be seen through race, economic class, and nation or country where experiences are explained with the theory of intersectionality.
Race and ethnicity are a major reason why to this day, many people are discriminated against. Women of color are also more prone to being judged more so than their male counterparts. Many women are already looked down upon as fragile and innocent, but it can become especially hard for women who are of different race or ethnicity. For example, recently a couple of famous celebrities were hacked and had exposing pictures released on the internet. Jennifer Lawrence was one of the most talked about celebrities involved in the breach of privacy. In the article “Why Sharing Jill Scott’s Nudes Is a Violation of Every Black Female Body”, author Ariel Leconte explains her frustration that while Lawrence 's breach of privacy was wrong, a woman named Jill Scott was not treated with the same haste that...

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...Different than “Having a Type””, the author Chin Lu points out that men have a certain image of the traditional Asian woman who they believe is docile, submissive, and more respectful than American women. This “Yellow Fever” is one of many stereotypes that are usually fueled by men. Women of different nations or cultures have different experiences than women from America or Europe.
Intersectionality is an interesting way of looking at the different levels of women and how the slight difference in them whether it be race, culture, country, or economic status, can be drastic. It is important to take into account this theory because even though women in general have issues with equality, women with different levels of intersectionality have some even bigger issues than others. Although intersectionality is just one of many theories on analyzing the plight of feminism.

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