Discrimination Against Women In The Workplace Essay

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Combating Discrimination Against Women in the Workplace Discrimination against women in the workplace is an unfortunate reality even in this day and age. It has a significant negative impact not only economically but also on women 's confidence, sense of self worth, and can also cause them to lose motivation and morale which is required to perform their jobs. Although there are a number of laws in place to protect women in the workplace in the United States, such as the Equal Pay Act and the Civil Rights Act, discrimination still occurs. It can take many forms such as sexual harassment, age discrimination and gender discrimination. Discrimination often may be unintentional, however companies and organizations must take steps to combat…show more content…
Proper education of employees and management teams can help combat this. George N. Root III of Demand Media, author of How do I Prevent Discrimination in the Workplace, as published in the Houston Chronicle Small Business section (Root, n.d.) makes several suggestions on how businesses can take steps to combat and avoid discrimination in the workplace. He suggests working with a business attorney who has experience in discrimination policies to develop a comprehensive discrimination policies and procedures manual for employees. He also suggests that this manual should be gone over with management staff, explaining the policies, encouraging questions, and having them sign a form saying they took the training and understand it. He also recommends that employees be required to review the manual and attend quarterly training on discrimination in the workplace. They too should sign a form saying that they took the training and understand it. In cases where discrimination is deliberate, this also informs the parties who are performing the discriminatory behavior that their actions are illegal and what the consequences will be if it…show more content…
Jones states in his Gallup news article entitled Americans Say Equal Pay Top Issue for Working Women, (Jones, 2014) that the data from a September 2014 Gallup poll shows that two of the most important issues facing working women in this country today are equal/fair pay and equal opportunity for advancement and promotion. These concerns placed higher than the issues of better childcare and healthcare and the economy in general. The number of working women in the United States is almost equal to that of men, however the challenges women face in establishing careers and advancing in them is different from men. The EEOC Women 's Work Group issued a report (EEOC Women 's Work Group, 2010) that cites many of the biggest challenges for women seeking equal opportunities in the workplace. These include lack of mentoring and grooming for management positions, being less likely to be invited to networking events, women not being granted training and developmental assignments on as equal footing as men, and women not being targeted in recruitment efforts for upper level and management positions. In order to combat these discriminatory practices, employers should develop mentoring programs and monitor their effectiveness, actively making sure that women are as equally included as men. Senior level officials should be expected to mentor subordinates and that mentoring should not be gender biased. Businesses should perform a barrier analysis to discover what obstacles

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