The Farmers And African Americans Essay

The Farmers And African Americans Essay

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The farmers, workers and African Americans were the groups, which became most affected by the industrialization. After the civil war, American farmers have mastered the large tracts of land area in the West. For 40 years - until 1900, farmers received 81 million hectares of state land on the basis of the Homestead Act. Wealthy farmers, who gradually stood out from the crowd, as well as railway companies, which seized 65 million hectares of land, developed capitalist economy, and widely used agricultural machinery and hired labor. In the 70-80s, the big bourgeoisie had to overcome strong opposition of the farmers. The discontent of farmers, especially in the West, caused the policy of railway companies, which seized the land, established disadvantageous tariffs for small farmers (Brogan, 2001).
In the former slave-owning South, African Americans, who were liberated from slavery, have not received the land and became sharecroppers, tenants, but in general, capitalism in agriculture in the United States grew faster than in other countries. However, African Americans became free, but did not gain equality. The country abolished slavery, but segregation was officially introduced - separate existence of black and white. Schools, churches, transportation, and even cemeteries - it was separately. So, racism strengthened. The South was intolerable and the North was seen a safe haven there. The flow of African American migrants reached the northern states. Many African Americans began to work in the industry. But they were forced to settle separately in the northern states. At the end of the XIX century, a number of organizations among the African American population set a goal to achieve improvement of their situation.
National Labor Union...

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...ital of over $20 billion. Bank capital concentration led to its merging with the industrial capital.
In 60-90s of the XIX century, the US capitalism has reached its peak. Finally, the United States made the first step to antitrust law because the ideals of democracy were incompatible with big business. The rapid progress of agriculture was one of the main characteristics of the industrialization in the US in contrast, for example, to the European industrialization. The mechanization of agriculture started the era of industrialization. Agricultural production, especially the production of wheat, was rapidly growing (Remini, 2009). In the USA, protest movement of farmers, and workers against the omnipotence of the trusts and the corruption of the state apparatus emerged. In the field of foreign policy, the US interests went outside the scope of the American continent.

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