California's Cultural And Cultural Diversity In California

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California is full of beauty, a beauty that is constantly glamourized, and falsely advertised. There is a constant battle against the stereotypes presented in the media, which have created a false image of this massive state. The media presents an insufficient amount of information about California that impedes the outsiders to fully understand the beauty of this state. The media focuses on the tourist attractions of California, like, beaches, Los Angeles, Hollywood, and San Francisco. Although these attractions are appealing, the spotlight should also highlight the impoverished cities, the cultural and geographical diversity. The diversity here in California is clearly visible, which is something that is not clearly seen all over the United…show more content…
It is seen from the moment you get here, to the moment you leave, and I believe that that is the reason why California is so memorable. The diversity that is seen is in our history as well, which can allow outsiders to understand where we our diversity rooted from. In the lecture named “Space, Identity, and Public Power in Nineteenth-Century Los Angeles”, Dr. Daniel Torred- Rouff defined race as a “system of power”, which can mean that race is man-made divider of people, and it has affected each and every state, but California has been moving in a progressive way to end or lower the risk of any racial altercations. The largest groups of race have some sort of history here, from Latinos to Asian, and these races have helped built California from the ground up, which can be seen in the rail roads and the agriculture. This cultural diversity has built and sustained this state afloat, and that diversity will continue to grow, because of the progressive mind set of…show more content…
This state is full of more cities besides just Los Angeles and San Francisco, for example, my city Richmond, California. I wasn’t born there, but I have lived there most of my life, and there is a certain appeal is there, but its not the stereotypical beauty you see in any infomercial. This city isn’t celebrated nor is it world recognized for its accomplishments, but it is a small city with hidden treasure. The hidden treasure are the success stories that the community does not expect, and that can create a sense of empowerment for everyone around us. That empowerment is something that should be seen nationally, especially since Richmond is not the only impoverished city in

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