Similarities Between African And Native American Culture

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Native American culture, according to William Youngs, A Question for Harmony, the Native American origins beginnings started with endless space. Tawa, the Sun Spirit, impregnated Mother Earth, creating the First World. The First World was inhabited by insect-like creatures. These creatures continuously argued to understand the meaning of life. These creatures then fell victim to the sorcerer's, upsetting Tawa so Tawa created ‘Spider Grandmother’. Spider Grandmother led the insect-like creatures to the Second World. The insects grew hair and fur on their bodies and took places as dogs, wolves, or bears. Then, the Spider Grandmother brought them to a moist and lightened Third World, where they transformed into human beings. In the Third World, the humans learned to make pots, weave baskets, harvest, and plant corn. Next, the Hummingbird came to tell the humans of a new world, where the spirit of Masawu, owner of the living and dead and the fire caretaker, lived and ruled. The Hummingbird then taught the humans how to use fire, in order to make pottery and cook meat. Eventually, the humans were led astray by the sorcerers, better known as powakus. This resulted in men to gamble and the women to revolt. The rain ceased, …show more content…

In Native American culture, the ceremonies and performed in kivas. One ceremony is the Whirling Log Sand Painting. In the Navajo tradition, healing requires the ritual restoration of hozo, or the beat of the harmony of the world. Following the sand, painting is destroyed. Another ceremony found in Native American cultures is the corn dance. The intention is for the rain to come down from the sky and nourish the sprouting of the corn. In African ceremonies the use of drums is common. The drums evoke the passion of the different dancers by the spirits and their ancestors. Masks are used to represent the ancestors that are called by the drum into the bodies of

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