Family Health Nursing : The Nucleus Of Any Nursing Practice Essay

Family Health Nursing : The Nucleus Of Any Nursing Practice Essay

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Family health nursing is the nucleus of any nursing practice. It is utilized in all aspects of healthcare. Health and illnesses affect the family as a whole. It is a major family event when one or more of the family members are involved with a medical problem. This affects the health of the individual members and vice versa. Support for the family is just as important as it is for the patient. Health care effectiveness is improved when emphasis is placed on the family. A nurse plays a critical role with the interventions of family health care. Promotion, maintenance and restoration of the health of families are important to the survival of society.
Social and economic challenges have led to the decline of the human family and have been taking place over the past half of century. The documentary, Demographic Winter points out that the numbers in a family are shrinking. Today there are one third of households with children and two thirds without (Demographic Winter, 2008). My family has transformed over years too. My dad was one of nine siblings however; there are only three in my family. My sister has only two children. I am sad to say that the Pona name may soon go away. Families have also changed their status, behavior and lifestyles. The ideal traditional family was the breadwinner father, homemaker mother and the children. Now, it is rare to find this family setting. Families are more socially, ethnically and diverse than ever before. Again, my family has met this change, as my brother’s wife is from a different culture. She is Puerto Rican. Changes happen all the time and I believe there is always a reason but sometimes we may not see it and families are not exempt of this.
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... He passed early in the morning before the arrival of the hospice nurse. Once notified, she came over and completed the protocol for the care. It takes a certain type of person and nurse to assume this role. Family nursing involvement made the dying process peaceful. We were prepared during the death progression and knowing the how was half the battle.
Open and trusting communication, physical, psychological, and spiritual support, and respect for the families’ right to make their own decisions, as well as support to facilitate these decisions, are essential components of quality palliative and end-of-life care (Kaakinen, Gedaly-Duff, Hanson, & Cohehlo, 2010, p. 301). I had positive impacts from family nursing care and I know firsthand how much it influences a family in a time of sorrow. I know this experience will allow me to do the same for another family.

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