Problems With Health Care In A Life Worth Caring, By Michael Wolff

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“Dementia does not Care” Dementia is the loss of a person’s mental skills from their daily routines. The symptoms of dementia could easily be over looked, they include forgetting things, daily routines are hard to complete, misplacing things, depression, aggravation and aggression, emotion are high, even feeling like someone is a threat to their life (Web MD,2012). Caring for someone with dementia can be difficult if with resources like healthcare, living facilities, nursing homes and medicine is involved, but sometimes healthcare and facilities do not provide the proper care. This disease is very common in the elderly community past the age of sixty-five. Finding out that a loved …show more content…

In “A Life Worth ending” by Michael Wolff he touches on the issues with health care, the cost of living and insurance policies that are involved in caring for a parent with dementia or …show more content…

A person with dementia or any type of mental illness is required to have some type of care around the clock for their safety, without this care they could put their life in danger or the people around them (Baillie, Lesley,2015). In the essay Wolff gives us how he cares for his mother, “She is attended 24/7 by two daily shifts of devoted caregivers. It is peaceful and serene” (Wolff, M pg. 210). Caring for a person with dementia is a process, especially when you still have other responsibilities to take care of. In the essay Wolff also expresses the amount of thought and love he put into getting the right place for his mother so she gets the best care possible for this weak and vulnerable time in her life “A national chain of residency for the elderly, the Arteria is more a real-estate business than a health-care enterprise, proving, at the hefty cost—the apartments are in the $8,000 -a-month range—quite a pleasant one-bedroom apartment in a prewar building, full of amenities (terraces and hairdressers) and graduations of assistance. But it is important to understand—” (Wolff, M pg.212). The cost of a nursing home is very expensive if you want the right one that applies the right care, love and patience that you would give your loved one if they were in your care. Web MD an

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