Dementia Effects the Elderly and Their Caregivers

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Literature Review Dementia is common among a large population of elderly people. The disease affects not only the individual diagnosed, but also the caregivers that work towards making their life comfortable in the end. Understanding and learning about the disease is crucial in helping those that experience or live with someone who has dementia. The services and support that are currently in affect for elderly people with dementia and the caregivers is poor, and ineffective because of the lack of research and information on the topic. To begin to understand an individual must start to understand the current status of care for the elderly people with dementia. In the twenty-first century there are differences that occur that are unlike past elderly care (Bookman & Kimbrel, 2011). One difference that is looked at is the six key groups that people look for in outsourcing are health care providers, nongovernmental community-based service providers, employers, government, families, and elders themselves (Bookman & Kimbrel, 2011). Roberto and Jarrott (2008) discuss one of the key groups that Bookman and Kimbrel (2011) talk about. In Roberto and Jarrott’s (2008) article they explain that older adults have to rely on family member for instrumental support and more intense care activities. However, this type of care brings a lot of unconditioned difficulties due to the constant care they have to provide the elderly people with dementia. In a recent study it was discovered that caregivers experience stress differently given the circumstance this was shown by analysis of 234 people with dementia (Robertson, Zarit, Duncan, Rovine, & Femia, 2007). The findings were that caregivers in intense and distressed groups experienced higher behaviora... ... middle of paper ... ...uture of Children , 117-140. Butler, R. (2008). The Carers of People with Dementia. BMJ: British Medical Journal , 336, 1260-1261. Gainey, R. R., & Payne, B. K. (2006). Caregiver Burden, Elder Abuse and Alzheimer's Disease: Testing the Relationship. Journal of Health and Human Services Administration , 29, 245-259. Roberto, K. A., & Jarrott, S. E. (2008, January). Family Caregivers of Older Adults: A Life Span Perspective. Family Relations , 100-111. Robertson, S. M., Zarit, S. H., Duncan, L. G., Rovine, M. J., & Femia, E. E. (2007). Family Caregivers Patterns of Positive and Negative Affect. Family Relations , 12-23. Roth, D. L., Perkins, M., Wadley, V. G., Temple, E. M., & Haley, W. E. (2009). Family Caregiving and Emotional Strain: Associations with Quality of Life in a Large National Sample of Middle-Aged and Older Adults. Quality of Life Research , 18, 679-688.

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