The Family Environment Is Important For Developing A Healthy Young Child

The Family Environment Is Important For Developing A Healthy Young Child

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​The family environment is an important safeguard in developing a healthy young child (Gibb, 2007). The connection between the parent and child are closely related (Glaser, 2002). When the parents are able to provide a safe and loving environment, children learn to trust the world and trust themselves. But when parents struggle to handle stress, then it leads to psychological abuse due to many different reasons. Studies show that emotional abuse produce pain to child’s growth throughout his adulthood life. From long term studies demonstrated that the child who is going through emotional abuse and maltreatment generates problem with developmental growth (Glaser, 2002). Evidence also showed that childhood emotional abuse may exhibit a specific relationship with diagnoses of depression (Gibb, 2007).
​Twaite & Rodriguez-Srednicki (2004) defined the emotional maltreatment is when the parent is showing constant negative behavior towards his or her child as being imperfect, unvalued, and unwelcome. Emotional abuse does not have much clear evidence compare to physical abuse. With physical abuse, the victim is validated with physical scars and bruises. However, emotional abuse is sometimes undetectable or unprovable because there is only a barrage of emotional pain in the child. The problem with emotional abuse was not acknowledged up till 1980s (Iwaniec, 2003). In 1981, studies revealed that 2.1 to 1,000 children experienced psychological mistreatment. It is also indicated that 10% to 20% young children and 50% of adolescents were threatened emotionally involving negative words, giving insults and labeling (Loue, 2005). Both boys and girls are most likely to suffer from emotional mistreatment in the same way (ASCA, 2015). Emotional abuse ...

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...not have enough self-confidence, miserable and do poorly in school (Iwaniec, 2003). Psychological mistreatment is also affecting the child’s physical health. The child is constantly being anxious and worries as well as having trouble going to sleep and experiencing body sore. Furthermore, he is repeatedly speaking untruthful words and refusing to understand the truth.
Identifying the parental or caregiver behaviors
​There are many types of parental behaviors that could bring negative outcomes to the child’s inner feelings (Twaite & Rodgriguez-Srednicki, 2004). According to National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, two types of emotional abuse are defined as passive or active (2015). There are five sections that are being included under passive mistreatment. First, parents are not showing affection and failing to provide enough care for their child.

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