The Failures of the Southern Reconstruction Era Essay

The Failures of the Southern Reconstruction Era Essay

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Criterion A: Plan of Investigation (105)
This paper plans to investigate how the failures of the Southern Reconstruction Era lead to the African American Civil Rights Movement in the mid-twentieth century. The utilization of various primary accounts such as that of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, newspapers, and letters are crucial to evaluate the contribution Reconstructive failure made in regards to the demand for greater social equality in the 1900s. Additionally, examining the differences between Northern and Southern perspective during and after the Reconstruction era, as well as throughout the 1950s and 1960s will allow one to identify to what extent white American perspective expedited the African American Civil Rights Movement.
Criterion B: Summary of Evidence (547)
Following the end of the Civil War, the method by which reconstruction should take place varied. Lincoln proposed his 10% plan, while the radicals proposed the Wade-Davis Bill. Furthermore, President Johnson, who became president after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, vetoed nearly every congressional bill for Reconstruction. Congress overruled nearly all of Johnson’s vetoes, which depicted that the Radical Republicans in Congress such as Thaddeus Stevens directed Reconstruction. The first step in Radical Reconstruction was to split the former Confederacy into five military districts. In addition, in order for admittance of the Confederate states into the union, they were first obligated to ratify the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments, which outlawed slavery, prevented deprivation of rights by the state by guaranteeing due process and equal protection, and finally banned any laws that may prevent voter discrimination based on race or previous entanglements ...

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