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Evaluation Of A Sample Survey Essay

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Hypothesis Project
Statistics is a very vital tool when it comes to decision making in research. Decisions in various research studies are supposed to be guided by figures and not observations or opinions. For example, an individual who wants to establish a shoe manufacturing company must know which sizes of shoes to produce in large numbers and which ones to be produced in low quantity. To be able to know this, he will be forced to conduct a sample survey since it is not possible to establish the size of shoes everyone in the entire population is wearing. It is from this sample survey that test of hypothesis will come in handy to guide whether the results of the sample survey are a representative of the whole population. If the results of the sample survey are supported by the test statistic, then the company will now be able to produce a given size of shoe as guided by the test result. If the test establishes that there is no significant difference between the mean shoe size of the sample and the total population, then that size is produced in great numbers to enable the company maximize on its revenue. This introduction is just to shed light on the importance and role of a hypothesis test. It is against this background that this research paper seeks to conduct research on the birth weights of babies born to mothers who are non-smokers who are below the age of 32 years and apply hypothesis tests to help in making conclusions.

Sample data
Gestation period(months) Birth weight in grams
34 3612
35 3640
39 3444
38 3388
39 3276
35 1974
37 2996
38 3612
37 3080
39 3612
41 2968
38 3080
38 3388
38 4368
40 3612
39 3024
37 2968
34 2436
42 5264
40 4788
40 3500
40 3668
40 3696
40 3556
39 4256
37 3640
38 2912
39 4256
39 4312
40 ...

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...observed from the frequency distribution graph above that the weights were normally distributed. In general we can conclude that the weights are normally distributed as the curve appears to be balanced. In other words it is neither skewed to the right or to the left.

Hypothesis tests like have been used in the application of this project, are fun and easy to use. However, one key issue that must be done with caution is choosing the test statistic to use in a given test of hypothesis because not all of them are the same. The hypothesis of a chi square test will differ from that of one sample test and so on. Similarly when it comes to decision rule, different test statistics will have different criteria. For example in some tests you will reject the null hypothesis when alpha is less than the significance level while in other tests it will be the opposite.

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