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First Generation College Students
First generation college students are students who comprise a distinct minority within most institutions of higher learning. These groups of students are the first generation of students in their family lineage to attend a college or university (Allwood, 1966). Due to the lack of family guidance in navigating through the college experience, first generation students face an array of obstacles upon entering the realm of higher education. These students are less likely to obtain their bachelor degree due to finance, family support and retention, all which ultimately limit their college experience. Not only do these students experience issues migrating through high school into college, they also lack the necessary resources some students need to achieve higher standards. For instance financial assistance, mentorship, and other motivating factors that can help a student grow into a professional.
Despite the initiatives used by universities to resolve the issue with retention amongst this group of students, there is a relatively high rate of first generation students not returning to college. The “combined portrait” facing first year students is one of students at academic risk, where a disproportionally low number succeed in college. They are more likely to leave at the end of the first year and less likely to stay enrolled or attain a bachelor’s degree after five years (Stuber, 2008). Dr. McKay ,a professor at the University of Oklahoma in a study found that approximately 43% of FGS leave college before finishing a degree where the drop-out rate of non-first generation student is 20% (McKay & Estrella, 2008)
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...he students suffer from low self-esteem because their backgrounds are poor (Stihea, 2010). They find interaction with other students hard and for this reason they can’t enter into relationships. The students also miss out on pre- college charisma that is bolstered by finances and family support (Woolsey & Sheller, 2011).
Family support
First Generation students, being the pioneers to join the university from their families deprives them the services of a role model. Their parents have no information about life in the university and, therefore, cannot offer guidance to their children in preparing for college or what to expect (Jehangir, 2010). The students also come from families of low economic status and survive college through hardships (Prospero, 2007). They lack sufficient funds for upkeep and cannot live the flashy lifestyles their counterparts maintain.
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