The European And Spanish Occupation Essay

The European And Spanish Occupation Essay

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Before the European and Spanish occupation in the America’s, there were many Indigenous groups that had well-structured organizations. This is seen in the Indigenous ruling nobility, and in their traditions of local ethnic states. An indigenous empire known as the Aztecs had complete control of busy markets such as Tenochtitlan’s Tlatelolco. On major market days, over 50,000 people visited this market. This particular market system drove the Aztec economy, which consisted mostly of trade and various types of currency (Aztec Civilization). The Aztec civilization followed a strict caste system that consisted of having the nobles at the top, followed by commoners, and at the bottom serfs and finally slaves (Aztec Civilization). Upon the arrival of the colonialist, there were mega social changes in the Indigenous community. Men such as the Spaniards maintained their beliefs with high regards that upon their arrival to Spanish America they belittled all Native cultures. Any power that was in control during this time was replaced and exploitation was justified in the name of God and the King. Spanish colonizers maintained a negative view of all Native beings that institutions like the encomienda and repartimento were created in order to keep them socially, and economically at the bottom. Another mega change was in the interethnic sexual relations of the colonizers and the Indigenous population. As a result of all the unjust changes that were brought upon the Indigenous people, they rebelled as a means to obtain Independence.

Spaniards were able to use systems like the encomienda and repartimento to keep Natives of Spanish America from holding any social power. With the destruction of already established political powers like t...

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... fails to acknowledge that the indigenous people were tired of being oppressed and demanded to be heard (Colonial Latin America 115-122).
In essence, there were many contradictions that accompanied the Spanish colonizers. One major contradiction was that Spaniards used religion as a means to justify their actions. The Spanish believed that their faith was superior, so they continued to regard the Indigenous population as savages. It is hard to believe that a truly faithful population would be so willing to kill and rape at extreme levels. There is no question that the emerging mestizo population would grow tired of unjust treatment that they would want to overthrow the ruling parliament. Institutions like the encomienda and repartimento, as well as a bias ethnic/racial hierarchy, were some of the main contributors of the indigenous population seeking independence.

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