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Starting in 1492 with Columbus and continuing for 350 years, Spain settled and conquered almost all of South America, the American Southwest, and the Caribbean. The Spanish empire grew to be the largest European empire since ancient Rome, and it used the wealth that it obtained from the Americas to support nearly endless warfare in Europe, which protected the Americas with a large navy and a very powerful army and brought Catholicism to the New World. At this time, Spain saw the New World as unruly and uncivilized because most of the people there were pagan. The Spanish, being strictly Catholic, believed they had the right to conquer and colonize the New World to convert the Natives. They went on with the belief that saving souls was worth…show more content…
There were many aspects of Spanish Colonization that impacted the tradition and culture of that time period. Some of the most important of these aspects were the…show more content…
When first arriving to the New World, the Spanish held many advantages over the Natives they encountered. One of the main military advantages they had was European steel—rather than guns themselves. Even though a few simple firearms were used to attract the attention of the Natives with fury and sound, the real damage was brought by Spanish swords. They were much stronger, deadly, and sharper than the soft-metal and stone weapons of the Natives. Even though guns were scary, swords did the most harm. Another major advantage that the Spanish military had over the Incas, Mayans, and Aztecs were horses. At the time, the largest South American animals were llamas, but it didn 't come close in instilling fear in the Spanish the way armored, charging horses did to the Indians. Aside from that, the Spanish brought war dogs with them. These Great Danes and mastiffs were ferocious and trained to kill. Overall, strong, sharp steel, horses, and attack dogs along with guns gave the Spanish military an edge that the Natives could not

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