Hispanic American Culture Essay

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The increase and changing demography in the United State today, with the disparities in the health status of people from different cultural backgrounds has been a challenge for health care professionals to consider cultural diversity as a priority. It is impossible for nurses and other healthcare professionals to learn and understand theses diversity in culture, but using other approaches like an interpreter is very helpful for both nurses and patients. In this paper of a culturally appropriate care planning, I will be discussing on the Hispanic American culture because, I had come across a lot of them in my career as a nurse. The Hispanic are very diverse in terms of communication and communities and include countries like Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, South and Central America, and some of them speak and write English very well, some speaks but can’t write while some can’t communicate in English at all but Spanish. …show more content…

The main idea behind this discussion board is to plan care for patient with diverse background different from mine, describe components of conducting a comprehensive cultural assessment on Latino Americans, reflection of my own culture and how it impacts my attitude toward providing culturally diverse care, and creating of two nursing diagnosis that reflect cultural

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