Essay on Ethics, Ethics And Professional Behavior

Essay on Ethics, Ethics And Professional Behavior

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[In criminal justice, ethics and professional behavior are paramount when it comes to providing law enforcement to the community. For the agencies to have ethical standards and values the administration must support those ideals. In this paper, the administration of a criminal justice agency will be examined. This includes how critical thinking supports the purpose of the criminal justice community. In addition, there will be a proposal for an ethics training with law enforcement officers.
Administration Responsibilities
[The first concern, is how the administration communicates ethics and professional behavior in the operation of law enforcement agencies. In the business of crime prevention it is imperative that the society has trust in the agency that is responsible for serving and protecting their communities. The administration must use ethics in dealing with the rank and file officers so that the officers working in the community demonstrate that same level of professionalism to the individuals they encounter during their interactions. For administrators, that means hiring, assigning, promoting, and reprimands are all handed out in a way that is fair. The officers must be able to trust in their agency in order to provide professional service to the community.
Critical Thinking in Ethics
[In the fast paced environment of law enforcement sound decision making in a hurry is part of the police officers mission. A careful analysis of the situation at hand and they are able to put their feelings aside to make the decision that will have the overall best outcome and effectiveness. These situations require that the individual make decisions based on critical thinking. For the officer to make these decisions they need to be inte...

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... they work, this principal is important because the police are paid to defend individuals in the community from persons who commit criminal behavior, the next principal is integrity, this is essential for all officers in the criminal justice system. A police officer without integrity is of no value to the community, they must be trustworthy in order to adequately protect and serve. Additionally, to be impartial, it is important for police officers to be impartial and use discretion when dealing with situations in the community. Lastly, the police should be free of corruption or any crime. It should go without saying that an officer should not be involved in any criminal behavior, whether it is bribery or theft of money, drugs or anything valuable, police are often put in the position of being around valuables. It is up to them to refuse the temptation of easy money.

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