Ethical Principles Of Ethical Leadership Essay

Ethical Principles Of Ethical Leadership Essay

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Ethical leadership is hard to define according to research cited by Yukl, (2013). Ethics depends on time, culture, and laws. We can attempt to define ethical leadership by looking at the leader’s behavior, values and how he or she influences followers (Yukl, 2013). Every organization has ethical and moral guidelines stipulated through their policies, rules and regulations. A leader who is honest and trustworthy can be said as an ethical leader. But it depends on how the behavior is reflected in the organization and the employees. Ethical leadership can also be defined as to whether the behaviors violate cultural customs and laws of the society. Personal morals and ethics may be in conflict with managing the organization when the shareholder values are put first. Putting profits first might blind a leader into committing ethical and moral errors. Evaluating the organization’s culture and creating a better fit between the leader’s vision and values to those of the organization helps create unity of purpose. The values and behavior of the leader must be consistent with the ethics of the organization.
Servant, spiritual, and authentic leadership are considered part of ethical leadership because they emphasize similar ethical leadership values (Yukl, 2013). Some of these ethical values emphasized in ethical leadership theories include integrity, altruism, humility, empathy, fairness, caring, and empowerment (Yukl, 2013). Servant leadership in practice helps subordinates by developing and empowering them to accomplish tasks for the betterment of all. Servant leaders see their role as a service to those that work under them and their community. Servant leaders ...

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...ln was innovative, eager learner, and was naturally inquisitive (Phillips, 1993). Lincoln also gave leeway to his staff and generals to be creative and resourceful in tackling problems.
Reflect and learn from mistakes: President Lincoln practiced this in the search for “Grant” and in winning and losing battles. Lincoln was patient in mistakes and failures and humble in success (Phillips, 1993). When things do go the way you planned it, move on and try something new. Don’t make the same mistake and expect different outcomes.
Diversity: Today’s leaders must believe that diversity is good for their organization. With migration, multinational corporations, mergers, and international expansions, today’s leaders must learn to lead diverse teams. Diversity is good for the company and the economy. Diversity encourages creative problem solving, tolerance, and open-mindedness.

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