The Importance Of Ethics And Ethics In An Organization

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Table of content
1. Introduction
2. Importance of values and ethics in the business
• Ethical conducts in organisations
3. Importance of leadership in the success of business

“Ethics can be defined as moral principles that govern or influence a person’s behaviour and values are the context in which an organisation or society’s norms are established and justified” (buzz text book).Ethics are the guidelines helping us tell the difference between the is wrong and right. Most people are encouraged by ethics to normally do the right things. Ethics and values are based on individual beliefs and standards in society that one if from, they vary from person to person. Leadership is the authority and capability for one to lead people in an organization in order to achieve goals. They are the main role players in all the organizations and are crucial to their success. Ethics in a business means taking the precise way’

The importance of ethics and values in business sustainability
Ethics and values are very important in guiding employees and management in an organisation. It encourages employees to be accountable and transparent and also in make ethical decisions. In an organisation that ethics are practiced there are less conflicts and there is consistency at all times even when an organisation undergoes difficult times. A code of ethics is established in an organisation to solve problems when the do arise and explains how employees should respond when faced with different situations. Values and ethics are important for employees to get along. Our values tell us what we think is important and that helps us in making right decisions. For example a person who values justice will not be coursing conflicts and will adhere to ...

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...sation and its employees, assists employees to bind effort altogether and work effectively as a group. Leaders revitalises people toward goals in order to be successful and for the survival of the organisation. leaders stimulates employees towards reaching goals.
A business short of leadership often fails and has no chance of survival. An organisation with no leader is like “an army without generals”. A leader can make an organisation successful or break it depending on the skills they have. An expert in leadership warren Bennis said, on capital can borrow money and one with poor location can move to point b “A business short on leadership has little chance of survival”.

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