The Importance Of Leadership In Ethical Leadership

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“Good leaders develop ideas. Great leaders develop people. The best leaders develop new leaders”, these are the words that were quoted by one of my teachers in high school who influenced and taught me some of the essential lessons in regards with being a good and effective leader. I always remember this saying every time I am working in a group or if I am given a task to lead a team. I’ve been involved in a lot of group activities in the past wherein I’ve witnessed a lot of group relationship that inspired me as well as taught me of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to leading people and getting along with your groupmates. Based from these practical learning experiences, I believe that I still have a lot of things that I need to learn and skills…show more content…
Leadership Role
According to Pearce & Conger, (2002), the action that leads employees in achieving its objectives or goals is called leadership. It has been proven in several researches that leadership in an organization plays a significant role in employee’s productivity and performance (Yuki, 2001). Leaders are one of the people in an organization who can influence the behavior of the employees in several ways. They motivates employees, sets a clear vision for the team or for the management, builds morale and guide their employees through the course of their work (Smirch & Morgan, 1982).

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This experience for me is challenging yet very fulfilling. Though it is not in a business set up, I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons that I may be able to use as well someday in my career. I believe that a group with a lot of members means diversity even though we have the same culture. There will be members who have different styles in working with other people as well as personalities that may clash with each other. In this experienced, I’ve seen some of my members fight with each other due to unwillingness to compromise with each other’s ideas, members who are not committed in doing their task well and not submitting their part on time as well as uncooperative members. During this time, I perceive that this situation is my responsibility, if my members are not motivated enough, it means I’m not inspiring them to meet our goals, if they don’t know how to compromise with each other, it means I don’t have enough authority and my influence is not sufficient for them to be willing to listen and follow me as well as compromise with the other members. During the time when the conflict arises towards my members, I have decided to take some actions because besides from it’s my responsibility to meet our team’s deadlines and goals, I believe that as a leader, I have an opportunity to form a group that is harmonious, motivated in
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