why is college important

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No matter what happens in life my degree is everlasting. because college is important and it should be in the top ten list of things to accomplish while working. most people don't need college to be successful but at the same time if you don't have a good plan, or idea you will never make it without a degree or two. people now in society usually base there lives and careers off of other peoples success because they think if someones going through the same thing that they are going through or have been there before then they assumes there lives will prosper the same way but a different route. every child, every unborn child should know that college comes first but in todays world it’s so different now that the economy has went down. most high school students think they can get by with a diploma and a nine to five job with a flexible schedule in my opinion college is not only important but it will open may doors for you that have never been open or doors that were close can reopen once people or companies see that you went to college and got a degree college can give you a lot of things to look forward to when starting and completing. some people really don’t know the value of college and what it can do for your life in the long road because people usually focus on the time frame of like how long is it going to take or when will i be done but the most and intense part that is focused upon is the debt that you inquire while applying and attending college. i’ve had many people tell me that college was a waste of time because all I'm doing is chasing an off white piece of paper with bold words on it and my name at the top but what they fail to realize is the off white paper with the bold words with my name at the top will make m... ... middle of paper ... ... taken seriously because it can open many doors for your life and your children's future I think if more people speak and introduce high school students to more college activities then they would apply and attend. for people to understand college and the way it works they need to stop focusing on the time frame and the cost they also should understand what you put into college you will get it back in the ing run such as money, time, blood, sweat and tears. if college was the topic of every subject in a child’s life until high school then it would be no reason to talk about it because people would know more about it and the concept of it. college education is the key to open many doors but we as humans have the power to make it happen and we have to want it but we as humans have the power to change that but we have to want it for ourselves and our children.
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