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Many students have a life outside of school. Work, taking care of children, and even doing the shopping for home, can be daily jobs of high school students, which leaves little time to do homework. According to my teacher Mr. Ross, Streamwood High School is one of the many schools, which is below state standards. Even though a lot of homework is given, end results are not excellent. Most students go on with their lives and do not care if an assignment is finished, so there is no improvement upon the students’ grades. Therefore, no matter how much homework is assigned, we are still below the average mark. Plus, you will be surprised by certain individuals who do the work, while others may be lazy. So what is the point, if the majority of students do not put forth the effort? Homework is basically a hassle for students and it is something assigned to keep students busy; therefore, homework should not be given to high school students at SHS.
One reason behind this argument is that all homework does not equal higher grades. In other words, just because you do the work that teachers assign, does not mean that the concept of the assignment is fully understood. Basically, students now a day’s give in nonsense work and still get credit for that homework assignment. In addition, when a test or quiz comes up they have no idea what they are doing, and end up getting a horrible grade. Plus, it lowers their grade point average, which hurts their grade because they did the homework.
Secondly, families are important during the holidays. For example, many teachers give out a lot of major assignments and projects before Christmas break. This affects students to not have enough time to spend with their families. In other words, they are too bus...

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...e other not getting done for the next day. For example, this same situation happened to my friend Becky. Although, what she did was her assignment instead of studying for her test. She ended up not having the best performance she could on that test. She did not fail, but Becky did not get the grade that she was hoping for, and leading to the fact that homework got in the way of her success in that class.
These are the reasons why I believe that homework should be taken out of Streamwood High School. The assignments are not useful. They are like busy work and sometimes students don’t even try hard on the assignment. Also being in school is tiring and having to do homework when you come home is even more tiring. Plus, homework gets in the way of other classes if you have a test to study for. Therefore, homework should not be given to the students in this high school.
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