social media:good or bad

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Social Media: Good or Bad
Most people spend more than 70% of their free time on their cellphones or computers. Out of this 70%, 50% is spent on social media ( On social media people can see what’s happening with their friends, post what’s happening in their life, and a whole lot more. But is that good for us? It all depends on how you look at it.
Social media is a great way to get information to people. It is faster than any other alternative way. But that also comes with its downfalls. Everything you put on social media has a way of getting out to everyone. Most social media sites have very pore privacy policies. Some people think that it is worth the risk of privacy is a fair trade for the fast and easy way to keep in touch with relatives and close friends.
Social media is a fast way to spread information, but is it always true? Many times people see false advertisements to websites that will take their money. But on the other hand many ads are real, but people have gone to so many of the fake ads that they won’t even click on the real ones.
One reason why people like social media is because students have an easier way to interact with each other. On the other hand some people think that social media is a big issue for cyber bullying. But other people think that cyber bullying would still be an issue even without it. They say that people would just use texting or any other way they could find to do it and that it would still be an issue. One a completely different perspective some people think that is not an issue at all today.
An issue with just getting rid of social media is that some people run their businesses on social media. If they just got rid of it completely then allot of people would be out of a job....

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...diseases, and many other things
Some of the most used social media sites are Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. There will never really be a good way to get rid of social media. There also will not be a good way to control people who get addicted to it. I think that we should just try to control it in a very loose and not extremely strict way. We can control what the people can do. So think about all of this the next time you think about getting on Facebook or Instagram.

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