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Compare and Contrast The first program that I observed was Victor Valley College Child Development Center. It is a Free State preschool program. The program has two sessions in each session there are 16 children. The ages range from 3-5 years old. The program serves diverse families. The program offers various types of services such as information to community resources. Also, if children need services such as speech the children are provide those services on site. The teachers are encouraged to attend various types of staff developments. The programs philosophy is” “The CDLC implements a child centered, active learning curriculum in a developmentally appropriate preschool environment. Our educational approach to learning builds on children’s interests, strengths, and emerging abilities in their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth” (VVC, 2013) I had the opportunity to observe the parents arriving. I noticed that the teacher greeted the parents and teachers. The children were given warning before a transition. As, continued to observe I observed the children they were actively engaged with the teacher. The children were looking at the hamster with a magnifying lens. The teachers got down to their level waited for the child to speak then responded to the child. The teacher asked the children various open-ended questions. Also, I observed the children exploring in the sensory table with pumpkins and paint. The children were curious about what was inside the pumpkins. The children used plastic hammers to try and crack the pumpkins. The classroom was calm and exploring the various activities that were set up. I noticed that when a child wanted to paint he got the paint brush and began to paint. When he was done he h... ... middle of paper ... ...ously stated I did not observe any pictures of the children and their families. Most of the art work looked the same. The classroom did not have materials that encouraged home language. York (2003) stated, “Create a language-rich environment add bilingual signs and labels” (p.98). Also, I think a disadvantage in this program is that all the teachers in the classroom only speak Spanish. When a child walked up to a teacher and asked something in Spanish the teacher replied, “I don’t know what you are saying” (p.98). I understand that everyone is bilingual however; this might make the child feel uncomfortable. He may not want to engage with the teachers and peers if he feels different. York (2003) stated, “The child may experience high levels of stress in the classroom and as a result loses the ability communicate when angry, scared, excited, or self-conscious” (p.95).

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