Similarities and Differences between Reggio Emilia and High Scope

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There are many different curriculums that are used in early childhood classrooms. Two curriculums that are used are High Scope and Reggio Emilia. Both of these curriculums have unique aspects that make up their curriculums. In addition, High Scope and Reggio Emilia have similarities and differences. In Ypsilanti, Michigan Dr. David P. Weikard created High Scope in 1970. High Scope does research in a variety of areas. However, they are best known for their research in preschool education and their preschool curriculum approach. High Scope preschool curriculum is used throughout the world and has had an impact on Head Start programs (Morrison, 1976, p. 15). High Scope promotes the developmental domains in their Key Developmental Indicators (KDIs). KDIs break down the developmental domains, and it talks about how they can be incorporated in the curriculum. Cognitive development is promoted through their children exploring objects through their five senses, exploring similarities and different in on things in the environment, one to one correspondence, numbers, Seeing things form different perspectives, time intervals, and cause and effect. High Scope also promotes Cognitive development through their large and small group times. Social and emotional developments are promoted through teacher- child interactions, child- child interactions through play, group participation, children forming attachments to primary care teacher, and children distinguishing themselves from other. The KDIs helps as a tool for teachers to help promote positive and strong relationships with adults and children. KDIs also help promote physical development through movement abilities, fitness, and healthy behavior in the classroom. High Scope helps to... ... middle of paper ... ..., J., & Garzoli, E. (2007, November 11). The Effectiveness of a Play-Based Curriculum in Early Childhood Education. Retrieved from Epstein, A. S. (2014). Frequently Asked Questions. Retrieved from Frequently Asked Questions. (2013). Retrieved from faq.php#approach. The High/Scope Preschool Educational Approach: A Prospectus for Pre-Kindergarten Programs. (n.d.). Retrieved from Morrison, G. S. (1976). Chapter 6: Early Childhood Programs APPLYING THEORIES TO PRACTICE. In Early childhood education today (10th ed., pp. 5-31). Columbus, Ohio: Merrill. What We Teach — Curriculum Content. (2014). Retrieved from

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