Leadership is very important within the Military. A leader must be able to inspire a soldier by showing positive aspects such as competency to the mission and in their job, being selfless in duty above personal matters as well as showing due respect and being able to adapt when the situation calls for it. A leader is also critical as she/he is expected to influence the soldiers that are in front of. A soldier is a reflection of their higher up in rank and therefore a good commander produces a good soldier. However, leaders do not (and should not) act alone as they are an intregal part of the chain of command set in place. A structured leadership is needed to set and complete a mission as needed. Structure in the military also helps with organization and allows there to be delegation. Leaders must display correct decision making and as part of a chain of command, they are expected to delegate duties to their soldiers. Another way that Leaders and the structure must strive is to build Military Unit Cohesion which allows for Soldiers to form a group through morale, trust and an under...
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