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Teenage Illiteracy has a major effect in many teenagers’ lives today. Literacy is a learned skill, and illiteracy is passed down from parents who many not are able to read nor write. In America two thirds of students who cannot read proficiently by the end of 4th grade will end up in jail or on welfare. As Americans we often don’t take the time to realize that schooling at a younger age through high school will improve a child’s opportunities and chances at life. Schooling in younger ages, middle school, and high school play a major part in a child’s life as an adult and how they function. Schooling with younger ages grades K-8 are the foundation to a child’s learning stepping stone. MRI testing indicates that the brain grows in intervals. Adolescent’s brains right before puberty experience a growth spurt that mainly occurs in the frontal lobe, which is the area for planning, impulse control, and reasoning. This means the brain at the adolescent stage is at the begging of the growing stage and also has a lot of maturing to undergo. Children in grades K-8 should always be challenged in school. Reading, writing, and speech are always the main stepping stones for children. All of the information a child will learn is repetitive because it can always be built upon and more added to it. As a graduating senior I feel that this information and security is vital to a child. This will help a student become more engaged and confident in their answers. More time in younger school ages should be spent on teaching and other attributes instead of free time or other non-helpful things Middle school also plays a crucial ro...

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... their reading and writing skills, versus being in larger classrooms and have the feeling as if they are “stupid” or “dumb”. They don't have to worry about being judged by fellow classmates and ridiculed for being a slower paced learner. These schools aren’t the only solution to this problem they also provide classes for children and teens nowadays, they have web programs , counseling , textbooks that break concepts down and allow them to be easier for them to further comprehend.
Finally this is why schooling is younger ages, middle school, and high school plays a major part in a child’s life as an adult and how they function. As American’s we need to understand and get the point across to kids that you need your education. Not being able to know how to read or write will get you nowhere in life. This Is why teaching and education is very important to me.

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