Understanding Individual Differences in Child Development

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It has become common today to dismiss the importance of children’s development and behavior as they grow. Each and every child is naturally unlike. They are particularly special in their own way with a different combination of characteristics that forms their individual personas. Children grow and develop divergently at a different tempo, in addition it’s absolutely normal for kids not to be on track of what they’re supposed to be at, such as school knowledge. Some can even be ahead of their assignments as it occurs to be easier for these. Children hold different strengths and demand a lot of different kinds of support to meet their individual requirements. In this assignment I was asked to watch carefully and attentively the growth, development, …show more content…

Kory was absent for the day. As the substitute wondered around each table to asked their names and age, Jasmin tried to taking the lead by answering questions that were asked to the other students rather than herself. Furthermore, she would blurt out the name of the colors she needed to use for her work, I heard her say, “Blue is for the clouds, and I need purple too for the flowers.” The school has an uncommon process where they exchange the whole class with another teacher to learn more about a certain topic. When that happens, Mr. Kory has a year older class than his regular to teach them advanced math. Instead of Jasmin going to the other classroom she stayed there as she was participating in it, she was more sophisticated than the other kids her age. According to Bee and Boyd, “Researchers have also produced persuasive evidence that processing efficiency increases steadily with age. The best evidence on this point is that cognitive processing gets steadily faster with age.” (2013, p. 158) Basically, Bee and Boyd are saying that as kids get older they start comprehending more information than they ever did before. As I mentioned at the beginning, all children are unique and have rate developmental differences, in this case, Jasmin is ahead from her class and her responses are different than the other kids likewise her mental speed processing is more rapidly

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