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There have been a lot of questions raised whether homeschooling or public schooling is more beneficial for our future generations.
There are three popular ways to gain an education, public school, private school and home school.
In the past decade homeschooling has grown in America much more than we could estimate, 1.5 million students are now learning at home, that’s a 75% increase from 1999, Parents have become more unsatisfied by the public schooling systems and its effects on their children concerned that their children could be exposed to violence, bullying or even drugs.
But the question is, is homeschooling really better than public schooling? Could homeschooling advantages out ways it’s the possibility of affecting children’s social abilities? Could our future generations cease to use the public schooling systems and still succeed in their professional life?

The primary goal of homeschooling is to educate children. In this, homeschool excels. Because of the many advantages offered by homeschooling, simply there is no better way to educate a child. Many of these benefits are easy to understand and the positive impact they have on children are obvious. Homeschooled children perform better on standardized tests. For example, in a recent comparison of SAT scores, homeschooled children averaged 568 on verbal test and 525 on math, the national average was 506 on verbal and 514 on math. While those differences might not seem significant for individuals, as differences in averages for populations of students, they are very significant. Factor that is known to be extremely important to educating a child effectively is the teacher-to-student ratio-that is, the number of students for which a teacher is responsible. Other factor...

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...ations which home schooled kids don’t learn until college.

Families who decide to homeschool their children will have to spare much of their time to watch over their children’s progress and education, which could result in reducing the family income as one of the parents must stay home to make sure that everything is prepared and done right for their kids preventing making it impossible for both parents to be employed. Homeschooling have proven that it’s better as an educational system, but it does have some negative effects on the children, homeschool parents should expose their kids to the outside world give them the space to explore and interact with the unknown, expose to other ideas beyond their own, and let them interact with other children who are not homeschooled, they also need to teach them to question all things even the family ideas and way of living.
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