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  • Benefits Of Alternative Education

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    Education is an important aspect in life. In order to have a successful lifestyle you need to obtain some form of knowledge. Whether you are young or old, you will learn something new in your daily life. Education is taught at a young age but, everyone does not learn at the same pace. Here in the United States, we provide several options for those students that need extra help to get them on the right track. Throughout this paper I will provide a solution for students who need alternative learning

  • Alternative Education Programs

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    In the world of education today many middle schools and high schools are looking at alternative education programs that truly prepare students with severe disabilities for the “real world” after high school. Unfortunately, many high schools are so concerned with high school credits that they do not even look into better alternative education programs. Numerous high schools rely on computer programs that assist students in obtaining their high school credits without being in the regular school setting

  • The Legal Aspect of Alternative Forms of Education

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    The Legal Aspect of Alternative Forms of Education Introduction The overriding law governing all education of young people in Ontario is the Education Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.E.2. This act defines the boundaries of education that are legally acceptable and enforceable in the province of Ontario. The Education Act is often modified and adapted to the changing needs of the population. These modifications may be done by way of changes to the Act itself or by way of changes to the Regulations that support

  • Complementary/ Alternative Medicine (CAM) Education

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    There needs to be a closer look at attitudes and education of information on complementary/alternative medicine, also known as CAM. Earlier Americans to the new world came with their own traditions and practices of medicine and treatments that have been passed down from generation to generation. Since most families came to America with no money, they used a lot of natural remedies, and ancient traditions to treat their ailments, which cost little or nothing. This form of medicine and treatment has

  • Homeschooling: An Alternative Option of Education but not the First One

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    Education is one of the most important platforms needed for people to achieve their long term goals involving a career. Without education, people would not receive the right knowledge they need in order for them to get a job they are passionate about. Students working toward these goals are presented with many options of education including public school, private school, and homeschooling in order to learn the information they need. When parents choose homeschooling for their child, they are taking

  • Education As An Alternative To Incarceration

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    more education programs both incarcerated and as an alternative to incarceration might just help save the future. When looking at the education programs that could be offereed for offenders and incarcerated individuals, there are two basic types; vocational educational training and literacy development education. Vocational training education focus on skills that are directly transferable and related to a workplace. Whereas literacy education courses are based on the traditional education learning

  • Alternatives to Outcome Assessment Testing in Higher Education

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    compilation (pp. 135-146). Portland: Portland Press Ltd. RICHARD J. SHAVELSON1∗, M. A.-P. (2005). Windows into the mind ∗. Higher Education , 49:413-430. The Higher Learning Commission (HLC). (2011). Retrieved 9 15, 2011, from Higher Learning Commission: Thornton, J. F. (2008). Is Outcomes Assessment Hurting Higher Education? The NEA Higher Education Journal , 61-69. Wilbrink, B. (1997). Assessment in historical perspective . Retrieved 9 16, 2011, from Ben Wilbrink: http://www

  • Reasons Being Homeschooled

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    to determine whether Homeschooling is indeed promising, one must first understand the reasons why people choose to Homeschool. According to Reich, Homeschooling is appealing to many families because of the capability to almost entirely customize education for their children. Many families want to homeschool because they do not feel that their children’s spiritual and moral needs are met in public schools. Moreover, some families choose to Homeschool in order to screen their child’s curriculum to

  • Essay On Homeschooling

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    homeschooled. Homeschooling is an effective method of education as homeschooled students continue to score high marks on national achievement tests, interact socially with

  • Advantages Of Homeschooling A Second Rate Method

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    have been created to fulfill that necessity. In some countries, those environments can be homes instead of schools. The education which is provided at home is called homeschooling and most of time parents become teachers, but some independent instructors can be hired. Homeschooling has a large history which is mainly related to parent’s interest of providing religious education because public schools, where children’s attendance were mandatory, banned religious beliefs. Parents’ interest was supported