Argumentative Essay Homeschooling

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Argument essay I have chosen to write this essay about homeschooling. Homeschooling is one option for schooling children, along with public and private schools. Many people do not believe in homeschooling because they do not trust that parents are teaching their children correctly. They argue that parents can’t teach their children without proper training and that without it. They also worry that students will not learn to socialize or function in society and that homeschooling is just a way to hide children from the real world. A lot of people fear homeschooling because they do not know very much about that form of education. On the other hand many peoples opinion is that homeschooling has many benefits and that it gives…show more content…
Homeschooling is a beneficial alternative to public schooling for the student and the family. Homeschooled children’s personal education doesn’t get overlooked. According to “homeschooling vs. public schooling: making the right choice” in the Huffington Post, Marion Lewis states, that public schools focus on teaching the average student; which means any student above or below average doesn’t get what he/she needs. With so many students it’s no wonder many students are getting overlooked. Marion states that class sizes are too big, with class ratios being anywhere from one teacher with twenty students to a whopping thirty students to one teacher. Homeschooling helps fix this problem by having individualized education for each student. With homeschooling, the parent has the opportunity to pick out of the many curriculum options the right one to teach their child the way best suited for them. Marion also mentions how one on one teaching helps the parent (in this case the teacher) find and target the students weaknesses to help focus on fixing those weaknesses.
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