An Inside Look at Homeschooling

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Homeschooling is becoming more popular in today’s society then before. Homeschooling is teaching school subjects to one’s children at home (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). But is homeschooling the best way to educate children? Homeschooling can bring more positive outcomes versus public or private schooling. This is because homeschooling can bring many benefits such as family orientation, no worries about bullies, less exposure to bad influences like drugs. Also it has a good success rate, adaptable cost, and flexibility. Homeschooling will keep increasing year by year. According to Dr. Brian D. Ray about 2% to 8% per annum was the growth over the past few years. For these and many more reasons is why parents choose to home school their children.
One main doubt that many people believe is that home schooling makes a negative approach to one’s child social skills. This is based on the supposition that children who are home schooled are trapped at home all the time. People who still suppose that children are home 365 days a year are mistaken, because home school children have several opportunities to interact with other kids their own age. According to Dr. Brian D. Ray, his studies substantiate that, homeschooled students are engaged in outside activities. They are frequently caught up in activities such as field trips, sports, etc. Homeschooled children do not only hang out with people their own age, but they learn how to socialize with people of all ages. This is a great benefit because they learn to communicate and become amiable (Ray 1).
Homeschooling can bring families together. Family orientation is very important; this can be done by spending time together and building memories as they learn because it is what bonds...

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... track. Homeschooling is more expensive than public school but is sure offers a variety of benefits compared to public schooling. Keep in mind that children’s education is priceless.
Homeschooling offers flexibility and can be a stress reliever for many. Home school gives children the opportunity to learn when they learn best, whether that be in the morning or in the afternoon. Some children prefer to work alone others with their peers. The parents will determine what their child’s learning style is. If the child need more or less time on a subject then they will have the chance to go over the subject as many time it is necessary for the student to learn it, or in the other hand if they completely comprehend the subject they can make a decision to skip it. A flexible schedule gives these options and many more to students compared to public or private schooling.

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