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Homeschooling is an education that gives parents choices and the right to teach their child however they want, but are the parents’ wants what the children need. Parents want to give their children moral instruction or want to teach them based on their religious beliefs and parents do have the right to do that because it is their child, but there are specific things that are essential for a child to learn or to experience. There are religious schools that give children an education on their faith and academically. Homeschooling doesn’t work because states have varying or no regulations on curriculum, some parents just aren’t equipped to teach their children, and homeschooled kids do not experience socialization. Parents don’t have to show how their child is performing academically, some parents only have a high school diploma or less, and homeschooled children are missing an important element of life because they aren’t learning or participating in class discussions or activities in a classroom setting.
Some people argue that homeschooling is the way to go, because parents have more choices. Some families who homeschool believe that homeschooling is better than school, because regular school is government mandated, so the government determines what is necessary for children to be learning. These families get to choose what they think is critical for their child to learn and they think that all families have the right to define what their child is learning and that they should have complete control. A few families choose to homeschool because they want to decide what kind of education their child is getting and base it around their religious beliefs, because they think that schools have become too separated from religion. In Virgi...

... middle of paper ... kids during extracurricular activities like joining clubs or playing sports. A child is going to need confidence, teamwork, and to know how to communicate whether it be with a speech or in any conversations that they might have with classmates and there is no way to replicate a classroom in a home.
Homeschooled just aren’t getting the necessary education they need, states have varying or no regulations, their parents aren’t capable of teaching them and they aren’t getting to be social. There are schools that are religious so children can get an education and do that while focusing on their faith too. The government has no way to see how these children are doing so they don’t know what they are being taught or how they are performing academically. A child needs to be in school learning with peers, being social, and learning the vital things they’ll need as adults.
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