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Homeschooling, could this be the future of the America? What are some benefits of homeschooling verses traditional schooling? Homeschooling has been around for quite some time now. Most families choose to home school their children for a number of reasons, the main reason from my understanding of the readings is Religion. Other reasons very from the type of environments public schools provide to their child not getting enough attention. We could go on and on about the different reason parents choose to homeschool their kids. Homeschooling your kids the right way takes a lot of time, money, and resources for it to be done right and for the kids to benefit from it. Public school teachers specialize in their specific areas weather its Math,…show more content…
Homeschooling has some good benefits but I’m not sold on the fact that your mother and father are your primary teacher, you need people who has enough knowledge about the subject to be able to break it down and give you good examples.
Homeschooling has been around for a long period of time. People wanted their kids to be homeschooled for a number of reasons. They felt like their kids was just part of a system and that their kids was missing out on a real education. In the 1970s John Holt, “began arguing that formal schools’ focus on rote learning created an oppressive classroom environment designed to make children compliant employees (J. Gary Knowles, Stacey E. Marlow, & James A. Muchmore, 2015).” It’s ok to be a compliant employee but people want the best for the kids and the only way for that is for your kid to be the boss. With that statement John got a few people to buy in and follow his movement and started homeschooling their kids. With homeschooling as a parents you wear a lot of different hats, so with that said you have to have a lot of patients with your kids because they’re going to ask a lot of questions. People need to have some
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With that said, in the article, “Don’t Let the School Choose You: Pros and Cons” one guy said, “These students frequently outperform their public school counterparts on the SATs and state standardized tests by about 20 percentage points. These students continue excelling into college and beyond with an average college GPA of 3.46 as compared to 3.16 held by their counterparts (Carter, 2015).” So in this situations homeschooling is better than traditional school but you have to think there are a lot less homeschoolers in college verses kids in public school, so this is may be the reason why they have better numbers. What would the numbers look like if we compared only the top 10% of students from homeschooling and the top 10% of students from public schools? One would think that the numbers would look a lot different. People try to make the numbers look good to prove a point, but I think it would be different if you compared the numbers this way. Most kids go to College and forget why they’re
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