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Heroes If I had to identify someone as a hero, I would have to say that my personal hero would have to be Will Taubin, aka “Ratboy.” Will Taubin is a freestyle BMXer, like myself. We used to ride together until he moved to California two years ago. Will Taubin has taught me the three most important things in my life. The first thing that he taught me is to set a goal and never give up until you have achieved it. The second thing that he taught me is “You can if you think you can.” The third thing that he taught me is “You only get out what you put into something.” Will’s goal since about age 10 was to become sponsored by a BMX corporation. Nobody believed that he could get a sponsor. He rode his bike everyday and had people film him and sent his tapes to different bike companies in a hope to get sponsored. Three years ago at the 2-Hip Meat the Street Contest, the owner of Standard Bikes asked if he wanted to ride for them. He said yes and he set it was the best thing that ever happened to him. The second thing that Will taught me is, “You can if you think you can.” One day we were riding and he did an alley-oop 180 barspin to fakie feeble grind to half cab 180 out on the mini ramp sub-box. No matter how hard I tried, I could not land the halfcab 180 out of the fakie feeble. After about a half-hour of me trying this he rode up to me and said, “You can if you think you can.” I got back onto the deck of the mini ramp and said, “I can do this.” I took off and got the first half of the trick pretty good, but on the 180, my front tire slipped out. I tried again and I landed it almost perfectly. The third thing that Will taught me is “You only get out of something what you put into it.” Will told me that when we were talking about biking, but I use that saying on everything I do in my life. For example, I never expect a good grade on a test if I don’t study.

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