A Hero Essay: What Is A Hero?

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What is a hero? What does it take to be one? A suitable hero is very hard to find these days but it can be somebody you will never expect to be one. A hero to me, is mainly someone who does good, noble deeds and is just genuinely a good person overall. To be one, I think a hero should put others first before themselves and should affect other people around him in a positive way. They should be very brave, considered as leaders, humble, and should not be selfish in anyway as this is what makes them different than others. They should also be kind, caring and have patience with others and themselves.
I think anyone who is willing, when necessary, to put their life on the line in an attempt to save the life of others can be classed as a hero.
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Another good example of this would be star athletes. We see these athletes as gods. We praise them for the records they break, the trophies and awards they win and the amount of money these guys get. Outside of sports some athletes would donate money to charities and organizations to help make the world a better place. True heroes reject praise and make comments like “I only did what anyone would do”. I think a problem we all have in our society today is that we lack humility. Whenever we accomplish something, we want people to recognize what we did right away. We always talk about ourselves and our accomplishments which is the exact opposite of what it’s like to be a true…show more content…
A bad example of this would be in the book “The Things They Carried”. Lieutenant Jimmy Cross had bad leadership because one of his men went to go use the bathroom without letting him know and died by getting shot by a Vietnamese sniper. At the time, Lieutenant cross was daydreaming about “Martha”, a girl who he loved very much but he didn’t know if she had the same feelings for him. A leader has to be brave, they have to step up to the plate and have the courage to overcome what’s coming at them. They should always put others first before themselves as their safety means much more to them. It’s a responsibility that every hero should have. Heroic leaders display a sense of concern and kindness for others. These actions are intended to improve the lives of others. Sadly these small acts of heroism are rarely noticed by
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