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A hero could be anyone. A hero could be an ordinary person who has impacted someone or has inspired a change toward greatness in their life. A hero can be passive or active, famous or ordinary, rich or poor. What gives a hero a distinct similarities to other heroes and distinguish them from non heroes is their ability to influence others that they are extraordinary because of their means to overcome obstacles, defeated adversities, and still manage to be a leader, role model, or an admirable person within society.
When watching television we are often persuaded that a hero is active. Active heroes put forth some type of action. They defeat villains and save the lives of many people. They possess power and strength that is immeasurable. Other heroes that are portrayed on television are rich and famous people that possess power because of their financial stability and their status. These are artists, politicians, and actors who has seem to discover the pathway to success. In their own personal way, these individuals it is considered a hero too many people in the world, including myself perhaps. However, there is a broad scope when to come to what it means to be a hero.
In the poem, Hard Rock Returns to Prison, Hard Rock is a prison. Know one perceives a prisoner to be heroic because of their misfortune with breaking the law. But, to other inmates Hard Rock is considered a hero. He is an active hero. He was, "known not to take no shit from nobody". According to this poem, Hard Rock can definitely prove that statement with his battle wounds. The other prisoners consider his a "Destroyer". He stands his ground and do things they did not have enough courage to do themselves. They admired him for his brave deeds. H...

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...ndure on a daily basis to reserve their family they love their daughter and they are inspired by the psychological adversity she must deal with. Her father consider her his hero. She is his hero because she is deal with her mental illness and has not taken her life.
A hero is a person who is admired because of who they are. They do not have to possess physical strength and power. The strength and power of a hero is in the will to endure, to overcome to the point they inspire and encourage. They don't have to be active. A passive hero speaks abundance when it comes to the essence of a hero. A hero does not have to be famous nor possess abundance of money. A hero makes due with what they have and their status comes by way of being a leader and motivating others to make a positive change in life. A hero has many faces, attributes, and abundance of inspiration.
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