A Hero: The Characteristics Of A Hero

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A hero is defined as a person who demonstrates courageous behaviors and makes wise decisions. A hero is someone who inspires people by their actions and abilities. Not all heroes wear a cape or plays in a movies, but can be an ordinary person. Firemen, policemen, soldiers are the most unrecognized heroes of today. People tends to not appreciate all the work they do for us. A hero have a distinctive characteristic that most people do not possess. Some of the characteristics of a hero is bravery, sacrifice, perseverance, and honesty. What makes a hero brave is their action he or she takes when someone is in danger. Heroes are people who goes out their way to protect others. They are willing to step up not because they are asked too but simply they know it is the right thing to do. No matter the situation a hero will solve the problem. For instances, rescuing someone who was trapped in a burning vehicle. It took courage to approach the car, and bravery to open the door to get the person out the burning car safely. One thing about a hero is he will always be there to save the day. A…show more content…
Despite their situation, a hero has to continue to fight until the battle is over. A leader is someone who demonstrates perseverance, does not give up, and overcomes any obstacles that comes their way. A hero shows strength and willingness to find out the cause of the problem and will persevere through their difficulties. Perseverance is something often did such as a habit. The habit of trying when others give up, shows a lot of composure, especially when the path to the end is hard. It is the skill to stay at a difficult task. Martin Luther King Jr. was a person who showed a lot of perseverance. He fought through the harsh times in the 1960s and helped many African-Americans get equal rights. Without him, the world would not be the way it is now. He paved the way for the South and showed that anyone can excel with
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