A Hero As A Hero In Beowulf

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A hero is one that disregards his or her life for the sake of others. Despite the obstacles or dangers, he or she behaves in a manner that is deemed by them to be beneficial for society. As a hero, there is a certain image they must portray to obtain the respect of their admirers. Being a hero is no ordinary person, a hero demonstrates discipline, strength, and perseverance.
Individuals who are considered heroes are inspired by the motivation to do a good deed in their respective fields. Heroes dive into the dilemma to create a solution. Therefore, there are repercussions for heroic behavior. A villain is as important as a hero. A villain is the antithesis of a hero, antagonizing others without fear of consequences. In literature, the texts have different spectrums of ethics, morality, individual traits and behaviors to distinguish a hero and villain.
The ordinary person
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As mentioned before, a hero is not perfect however a hero does exceed the qualities of regular humans. The text mentions his superhuman physical strength, an important trait of a hero. His perseverance, bravery and strength help him overcome various dangerous obstacles. The text successfully distinguishes Beowulf as a hero: “Good amid Geatmen, of Grendel’s achievements heard in his home: of heroes then living/He was stoutest and strongest, sturdy and noble/The excellent knight from the folk of the Geatmen/Had liegeman selected, likest to prove them/Trustworthy warriors; with fourteen companions” (lines 7-18). His selfless action led him to successfully defeat Grendel. Prior to defeating Grendel, he is mentioned as a successful warrior, a trait that exemplifies a hero. Once again, Beowulf demonstrates his valor by sacrificing his life to defeat the dragon threatening his people. The way Beowulf is described as brave and possessing great strength clearly distinguishes him as an epic

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