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Working in groups can be a very positive or very negative experience. How a group functions together determines how positive or negative that experience becomes. All go through four stages of development, forming, norming, storming, and performing.. Unfortunately for our group, many of the members experienced some of these stages together and other missed out on that opportunity of original growth. Kirst-Ashman and Hull describe these stages as a pattern of development. This allows the group members to see how they are working together but also allows observers to see what stage the group is stuck on. I had hoped for my group to develop past the first stage of development quickly, however as a whole we couldn’t seem to get over this limbo of being a forming or norming group. Our group was not the best functioning, but working together taught me the important pieces of being a group member as well as working within a group. Leadership Choosing week one to be the leader was a strategy for me to get the concrete things done yet still try to make our task as clear as possible. I was aware of the fact that I do not have the strongest personality in the group. I normally just listen unless the topic is something I have strong feelings about. Taking that into account, I tried to make sure everyone in the group had an opportunity to speak. That is the most important thing I look for in a leader, I wanted to make sure my group to experience it as well. I felt that this made the first meeting go pretty smoothly. The topic we agreed on involved discussing the positives and negatives we would be facing during our field placements. On the first class, everyone seemed very uptight and nervous about how field was going to work and what sit... ... middle of paper ... in that role rather than keeping to myself. If my group sees me as a leader I immediately feel as if I need to step up and meet their expectations. It allows me to gain a little more confidence that I normally lack in group settings. On the other hand, if I am not identified as a leader but instead just another member, I often fall right back into my shy self. When the discussion is interesting to me I am generally more outgoing and talk-a-tive. When I have more information to bring to the table it allows me to see how I am a useful group member. Knowing my strengths and weaknesses within groups will be extremely helpful for me while in the field. After learning how important group work is to clients I hope to be able to work to make groups available throughout my internship. Knowing my weaknesses makes me more aware of how to try and change them in the future.
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